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Solution Consultant

GentCrunch Analytics25-09-2022
You act towards our clients as a trusted advisor in pricing and inventory analytics: As you grasp the business objective of the client, each stakeholder's…

Algorithm Engineer

GentCrunch Analytics12-09-2022
As a central pillar of the Crunch Analytics Development Squad, you will help guide the creation of more productized solutions in the field of price & inventory…

Head of Sales

GentCrunch Analytics17-08-2022
You will lead, manage, coach, forecast & report. Join Marketing & Communications in creating a go-to-market strategy and plan inspired by a set of ambitious…

Talent Acquisition Specialist

GentCrunch Analytics08-08-2022
In the said role, you will be able to coordinate actions to be taken by team members, execute specific tasks and inspire.

Product Owner

GentCrunch Analytics10-02-2022
As a tech-savvy Product Owner, your role is to act as a liaison between the client and a Crunch Analytics' Data Squad.

Senior Data Scientist (BE)

GentCrunch Analytics16-07-2021
A track record of multiple advanced analytics and AI projects in various industries within a business context. Working in a Unix environment.

Account Executive (BE)

GentCrunch Analytics11-03-2021
Stay up-to-speed with the dynamics in the retail & e-commerce market, and the role advanced analytics & AI play ;

Data Scientist (BE)

GentCrunch Analytics03-02-2021
You will apply math, statistics, and machine learning algorithms to discover patterns in datasets. In a next step, you will especially translate these patterns…

Cloud Engineer (BE)

GentCrunch Analytics03-02-2021
Design data warehouses and star schemas, fit for further reporting or advanced analytics; A craftsman -really - that sketches and shapes the required cloud…